Let's get your stove and oven working again

American Appliance & Mechanical has been offering oven and stove repair in the greater Minneapolis area for over a generation. The stove and oven is the center of your kitchen and when its down, your entire life grinds to a halt. Whether you are dealing with hungry children, an upcoming party or cooking for a neighborhood potluck when the oven is down, time is of the essence and getting it back up and running is all that matters, American Appliance & Mechanical offers oven and stove repair, even in an emergency situation.

Stove Repair Services For Any Make and Model
With new models of ovens and stoves featuring ever more advanced technology, it is important to select a repair service familiar with innovative technology such as induction models and sealed easy cleaning stove-tops. Improper repairs can not only void a warranty they can disable important features and render your stove unusable. There are many oven repair services out there, but only the technicians at American Appliance & Mechanical stay on top of the newest stove and oven features and are frequently improving their skills to stay up-to-date on emerging technology.

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your stove or oven, contact American Appliance & Mechanical for a hassle-free quote right away:

  • Uneven heating elements on the stove-top
  • Heating elements not warming normally
  • Gas odor or a hissing noise coming from the oven or any components
  • Oven turning on or off on its own, or failing to turn on or off
  • Self-cleaning function not working
  • Buttons, keypads or dials non-responsive
  • Loose or improperly fitting components

Reliable Stove/Oven Repair Services

Problems with your stove, cook-top or oven not only are a hassle, but they can also be potentially dangerous. Gas leaks and fires are very real dangers to you and your family, contacting American Appliance & Mechanical can help your family stay safe. American Appliance & Mechanical is happy to help diagnose your oven, stove or cook-top problems and get repairs done quickly and accurately.


Appliances need repairs at the wrong time. The refrigerator goes out before your party, the oven breaks down on Thanksgiving, the heater is on the fritz in December and the air conditioner quits in July.

Our Technicians are all Factory Trained and NATE certified. Our fleet of service trucks is ready to roll!